We started Green Sahara Furniture with the belief that you can have unique, handmade furniture with a great story of sustainability. Our original designs fuse function with art. We celebrate the human touch that crafts a piece of furniture. We strive to use materials sustainably, we work alongside others in planting trees for the future, and we work fairly with our employees and other artisans in Morocco.

At Green Sahara Furniture, we don’t just design and build unique furniture - we also have a great story that sets us apart. Many of our pieces are one of a kind works of art where form and function are woven together. The feel of our products takes you back to a time when furniture was handcrafted and lasted in its environment. We hand-select our lumber to show off its beautiful grain and color, we use proper joinery so our pieces stand the test of time, and we hand-rub finishes to give our furniture a distinct look and feel. At Green Sahara Furniture, we feel a shared sense of responsibility in helping to keep our planet green and in working equitably with others.

The Green Sahara Furniture story is taking off – we’ve been featured in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, we’ve won major awards, and this great story continues to be retold by our clients and many others.

At Green Sahara Furniture, we want to make the world a better place to work and live by crafting well-designed, high-quality home furnishings in a sustainable way. We invite you to take part in our story.